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“She always replied with, “Not to worry, we’ll get that taken care of.””
Angie Creery.
“She always replied with, “Not to worry, we’ll get that taken care of.””
Angie Creery.

A Caring Spirit Pays Off

Over the past four years, Mrs. Smith (patient’s name changed for confidentiality) has had regular contact with Angie Creery, whom she says is, “a pleasure to work with, caring for both the patient and their family.” But in their most recent interaction, Creery went above and beyond to help this worried mom resolve a problem.

Mrs. Smith’s insurance carrier initially denied a claim for her daughter’s cleft repair, resulting in a $35,000 bill. Mrs. Smith worked with Angie to start the appeals process and determine if they should appeal independently or if there was recourse through the health system. Angie was first and foremost, sympathetic and reassuring, explaining to the mom who she thought could help and providing their contact information, but noting she would make the initial contact so she could help coordinate what the best response would be. When Angie found out one of the contacts wasn’t available that day, she took the time to call Mrs. Smith back and explain  that it would take longer than anticipated to have someone call her. She ensured Mrs. Smith had her contact information so that she could reach her with any additional questions.

Having worked for an insurance company with a heavy emphasis on customer service, Mrs. Smith was amazed by the level of care Angie took in handling her case. Not only did she manage the entire case with the insurance company (including getting at least four different reasons for denial), but she also took on the second task of managing the remaining billing with the hospital. From the beginning, Angie took a forward-moving and positive attitude towards facilitating any and all challenges that came her way, even handling tasks outside of her job description to assist the family. She never said, “That’s not my area, I can’t help you there” or left Smith wondering what the next step was. She always replied with, “Not to worry, we’ll get that taken care of.”

Smith and her family were beyond grateful that Angie took the extra time to be sympathetic, pro-active and thorough.  They praised the health system saying, “We are beyond grateful that the specialists we see place a greater emphasis on building a trusting relationship with their patients, which pays off in spades. We are amazed at the level of detail, care and concern that administrative staff shows to us – whether that is in patient comfort or to parents who are trying to figure out how they are going to pay a $35,000 bill. Thank you… for the excellent personal care!”

Thanks, Angie!

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