Recognize a Team Member


Recognition is fundamental to sustaining VCU Health’s culture of STAR Service. 

Whether recognizing a team member for consistently excellent work, their positive and supportive attitude, or a specific instance of going above and beyond to deliver STAR Service, the act of giving recognition is as rewarding as receiving recognition.

That’s why, in addition to recognition from managers, we’ve created opportunities for peer recognition. The recipient can be a member of your team, someone you interact with from another department, or even a staff person you’ve just noticed doing a fantastic job. Giving recognition is quick, easy, and is a reminder that we rely on each other to excel.


These are a quick and easy way to recognize STAR Service and thank a team member for a Service Behavior you witnessed or experienced – whether towards a patient, a visitor, or a fellow team member. These are like a thumbs-up, affirmation that our STAR Service is noticed and appreciated. This recognition requires a short, brief explanation. 

Recognize a Team Member

Service Star

If our walls could talk, they’d say exceptional care is the rule. They’d talk about teamwork and exceeding expectations. They’d speak of compassion and dedication, of energy and empathy, and of treating every patient with dignity and respect. Service stars are for the interactions that demonstrate the life-changing power of STAR Service. This recognition requires a longer narrative when submitting.

Recognize a Team Member

Safety Star

Since 2008, we’ve recognized and celebrated hundreds of team members that help make VCU Health a safe place to receive care by going above and beyond, using the safety tools and behaviors to keep their patients and colleagues safe. If you would like to nominate a team-member as a Safety Star, access the form through the "Safety First" intranet link.