Recognize a Team Member

Service that shows I care

I create an exceptional experience by putting the needs of others first. I interact with all individuals in a warm and caring manner.

How do I do this?

I am approachable

  • I am warm, empathetic and inviting in my behavior
  • I greet people with a smile whenever I can
  • I make eye contact and position myself at the level of the patient, visitor, or team member (such as sitting a chair next to a patient's bedside)
  • I project a positive image and energy

I make others feel taken care of

  • I approach others who look confused or lost and offer assistance
  • I introduce myself and ask how I can provide caring service
  • I give my full attention to people and do not allow interruptions or distractions to interfere with patient care
  • I look interested and friendly when others are speaking to me
  • I look for ways to make others feel special

I end interactions in a caring way

  • “Thank you for choosing VCU Health.”
  • “It is my pleasure to serve you today.”
  • "Thank you for providing that feedback."
  • "Did I address your question or concern to satisfaction?"
  • "Is there anything else that I can help you with?"
  • "I hope we were able to meet your needs and provide exceptional care."
  • “I will be thinking of you and your loved one."

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