Recognize a Team Member


I always put safety first and am committed to our vision of being America’s safest health system. I am alert, proactive, and a clear communicator.                                                                                                             

How do I do this?                               

I introduce myself

  • I state my name and describe my role at VCU Health
  • I explain how my actions keep people safe
  • I make sure people are comfortable with what I plan to do 

I anticipate the needs of others

  • I listen carefully
  • I observe to identify the physical, emotional, or spiritual needs of others
  • I respond quickly and appropriately

I use safe behaviors 

  • I follow protocols
  • I use error prevention tools
  • I pay attention to details
  • I communicate clearly to others
  • I ask questions if I'm unsure
  • I demonstrate accountability
  • I take responsibility for VCU Health

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Recognize A Team Member For Safety