Recognize a Team Member


I show respect to each individual and celebrate the diversity of our community. I remember that my purpose is to serve each individual in a caring way.

How do I do this?

I am respectful of individual needs and privacy

  • I give people my full attention when interacting with them
  • I am respectful of others' cultural preferences and needs
  • I never discuss a patient in a public space such as elevators, waiting area, food service area, hallways, etc.
  • I follow protocols and maintain HIPAA compliance

I foster positive work relationships

  • I use positive language and never blame or gossip about others
  • I do not complain or speak ill of others at work or in public spaces
  • I openly express gratitude and congratulations towards my team members

I care for myself so that I may care for others

  • I make time for yoga, exercise and other activities that restore me
  • I stay home when I'm ill to rest and get well
  • I¬†maintain a healthy work-life balance

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