Recognize a Team Member


I accept responsibility for my actions and behaviors and respectfully hold others accountable to VCU Health System standards.

How do I do this?

I take responsibility for patients and visitors

  • I am kind, helpful, and respectful
  • I offer to walk patients and visitors where they need to go
  • I maintain responsibility until I can hand off to another team member
  • If I am unable to assist, I find another team member who can
  • I am courteous and say thank you or offer praise whenever I have the opportunity

I role model good behaviors

  • I presume good intentions from my team members
  • I recognize and acknowledge when VCU Health under delivers
  • I provide immediate assistance in response to unsatisfactory service
  • I offer to coach peers when I can help them deliver excellent service

I represent VCU Health positively

  • I show up on time and ready to work
  • I follow the VCU Health dress code and image requirements
  • I wear my ID badge above my heart so everyone can see it
  • I am prepared to assist others even if I'm leaving work
  • I am resource conscious and only use what I need
  • I pick up trash when I see it no matter the circumstances


STAR Service Little Gold Book

Star Service Little Gold Book PDF
Service that shows I care

Telephone Etiquette Tool

Telephone Etiquette Tool

Team Member Stories

Recognize A Team Member For Accountability