Recognize a Team Member

About STAR Service

To fulfill our commitment to being the leading health care provider in the mid-Atlantic region and the safest healthcare system in the nation, VCU Health has established a culture of STAR Service.

Because the VCU Health experience spans interactions across the entire organization, the STAR Service framework guides team members to deliver exceptionally caring service in their every interaction with patients, visitors, and other team members.

Common Purpose

"Our Caring Service Begins With Me"

Our Common Purpose is the shared goal of delivering STAR Service in a way that is genuine and from the heart. We encourage each other in this goal by recognizing our team members’ unique gifts and we support each other by using our own gifts to fulfill the Service Standards.

Service Standards

Incorporating the Service Standards into our daily mindset helps us quickly and easily make service-related decisions that support our Common Purpose of delivering exceptional service. By using the same decision-making “algorithm,” we’re able to deliver a consistent and seamless experience across departments. 

1 Safety

Our first priority is safety: Communicating clearly and openly, paying attention to details, and listening to and supporting other team members in their duties.

2 Caring

Our second priority is caring: Being present and engaged, demonstrating compassion, anticipating the needs of others, and delivering personalized service.

3 Reputation

Our third priority is reputation: Taking opportunities to enhance the reputation of VCU Health, demonstrating a commitment to STAR Service, and being a positive addition to the workplace.

4 Accountability

Our fourth priority is accountability: Following through on promises, delivering excellence through process, soliciting and providing feedback, and managing resources efficiently.

Service Behaviors

Everyone at VCU Health team has daily opportunities to deliver STAR Service. The Service Behaviors (or STARS) are actions that we can take every day to demonstrate our Core Purpose and consistently deliver exceptional service to patients, visitors, and other team members.


I always put safety first and am committed to our vision of being America’s safest health system.


I work collaboratively with my fellow team members to providea safe, caring, respectful, and comfortable experience for all.


I accept responsibility for my actions and behaviors andrespectfully hold others accountable to VCU Health System standards.


I show respect to each individual and celebrate the diversity of our community.

ServiceThat Shows I Care

I create an exceptional experience by putting the needs of others first.